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You decided to go for it. Dive into the amazing field of entrepreneurship. YAY ūüôā The beginning of so many opportunities, ideas and ways to impact .. but where do you start?

You search on google and find thousands of courses, webinars and videos. Then you go to IG to see what others are doing and get inspired from all the profiles that you resonated with.

Now, you want to launch a program + ebook + book and a group coaching..ūüėÖ¬†Since your next step seems very¬†hard and scary, you decide to put evertyhting on pause until¬†you feel¬†“ready”.

Whether you’ve experienced in 1,2 or ALL the 7 scenarios..

Guess what?

this is NORMAL

how the course works

The course focuses on different topics each week. Every Monday, a new module will open up with a training video(presentation setting) and a workbook.

Taking notes during the training videos is encouraged since the workbook only includes action packed & clarity seeking questions specific to you and your brand.

You will also be given a monthly goal sheet to keep yourself accountable and on track for progress.

Each wellness entrepreneur will have a 60 minute 1:1 clarity session at the beginning and end of the course with me.

Every Wednesday, we will connect over Zoom for a¬†90 minute Master Training + Q&A . Every other week, I will bring a guest speaker with expertise on that week’s topic. This is a great opportunity to gain clarity on the workbook exercises and action steps specific to your brand


Options for multiple sources of income

Budgeting hacks

Access to private FB group for ongoing support

Office hours

Marketing Tools, Websites & Apps

Coaching Specific checklists

Personality test

Social media training

Excel Sheet for write offs


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what JBC grads are saying..

Don’t wait until you are ready to take this course!! That day will never come. We are never ready to step outside of our comfort zones & it will never be comfortable. Let this be the first incredible decision you make to love and support your dreams. Saying YES and being willing to make mistakes is the best thing you can do for yourself and your future. Embrace every failure as a lesson & one step closer to who and where you want to be! Danika Hewitt

Holistic Integrative Health Coach, @danikaylie

I am so glad I invested in myself and my business by taking this course. I gained so much more confidence after seeing what is possible and changed a lot of my limiting beliefs. The order of the topics was very well thought out and the workbooks and goal sheet helped me stay on track. I absolutely loved the speakers and learned SO much from them.

If this is speaking to you, DO IT! You will gain so much clarity and change so many of your limiting beliefs. It will give you the confidence and tools you need to go for your dream life. The investment in the course will pay for itself once you start your business. Kesslyn Fleck

Nutritional Psychology Coach, @kesslyngem

Since the course, I have doubled the number of workshops I am teaching and have tripled my ticket sales and participation rate! My workshops have become so successful and have provided so much value to the community. It was for sure the¬†mindset shift I experienced during the course. I gained such clarity and redirection on my path…right where I needed to be. The support and guidance I received was PRICELESS. It was amazing to be mentored and supported buly Gabby, the amazing expert speakers, and course-mates!!

Kelsey Allan

Sustainability Expert & Workshop Facilitator, @kelseyreneeallan

Ok Gabby.. I’m sold, but how much am I investing?


Submit your qualification form to get pre-qualified!

This program is NOT for you if:

You’re not looking to invest in your brand
You’re not willing to collaborate with other coaches or professionals
You’re not open to feedback or willing to try new things