Hola, I’m Gabby

a transformational health and success coach, community

creator and dance & fitness instructor


Venezuelan living in Las Vegas that simply loves life. Might sound silly but it’s a fact. You see, I’ve been going through an amazing holistic journey towards happiness and wellness that has completely transformed my way of thinking and seeing life. So much that I have made both of my passions (health & dance) a career!

When I moved to the States in 2011, I definitely went through a “food culture shock”. Having numerous options, ingredient packed snacks and over-condimented meals was not only overwhelming, but it significantly altered my weight, digestion, mood, energy and cravings. I struggled with finding myself again in a new country, culture, friends and food for over 6 years.

Learning how to overcome these factors through food, mental health and self-love, helped me develop a great passion to show others how to do the same with their unique lifestyle. The changes I saw in my body through healthy eating, thinking and living were breathtaking.

When I realized the power we have as individuals to establish lifelong healthy habits and thrive, I knew I found my purpose.

Now, I guide clients and mentor coaches to create a blissful life that feels as good as it pays.


10 Things You Should Know About Me!

  • My first language is SPANISH. I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela. I moved to the States when I was 18 years old.
  • I am also a Certified Veterinary Technician! I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Veterinary Medicine and a minor in Business in 2016
  • Dancing has been a HUGE part of my life for over 20 years. I’ve learned about all types of dance such as flamenco, ballet, jazz, tap, salsa, merengue, belly dancing and hip hop
  • Popcorn is my go to midnight snack (I eat it every night)
  • I am a “wanna be” singer
  • I quit my job and changed my career path in a span of 2 months to pursue my true passion (health and wellness)
  • My mom, dad, brother and I all live thousands of miles away from one another while still maintaining a strong relationship and bond. It keeps my heart so full!
  • I was an incredibly messy child and now I am a huge neat freak & a minimalist advocate
  • I love the word BLISS so much, I tattooed it on my wrist
  • I am an extrovert! I love meeting new people and chatting for long periods of time