Hi, I’m Gabby!

A success & wellness coach with a mission to educate and lift up health impactors to transform their passion into a career… a career that pays as good as it feels 



At The Blissful Step, transformations are not only before and after pictures. They are the changes that add value to your life, whether that’s physical, mental, social, spiritual, or emotional. 

Lifestyle Transformation

Gabby helped me add new recipes and modifiy old ones by reading labels and replacing ingredients for healthier options. She also encouraged me get to root cause to all of my actions and symptoms.

I would describe Gabby as an energetic & passionate person who wants to truly see a healthier world.

-Isabel Pinaud (Health Coaching Client)

mindset and health transformation

During the 6-month program, I was able to build awareness around
my anxiety and manage any negative emotions. I also noticed a HUGE change in my digestive health and immune system. Gabby’s program enabled me to learn so much about nutrition and how to listen to my body.

I would describe Gabby to be supportive and extremely passionate with the work that she does. Her passion truly shows, and  has encouraged me to maintain my positive mindset.


– Fatima Covas (health coaching program client)


Career Transformation

Gabby has given me the confidence to reach new customers! I’m so grateful for her expertise, accountability, and professional approach to helping me succeed! Her positivity, guidance, and supportive commitment to leading me to reach my goals is priceless!

– Chantel Gilbert RN